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Last revised: 9 Feb 2002

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General Search Links

Yahoo's list of Civil War resources

Civilian Units

U.S. Sanitary Commission
Michigan Soldier's Aid Society

Military Units

Units that do C.S. CS Flag impressions

Units that do U.S. US Flag impressions

Umbrella Organizations

Signal Corps Association Reenactors' Division (SCARD)
Navy & Marine Living History Assoc.
Mississippi Valley Brigade
Beck's Trans-Mississippi Brigade
Trans-Mississippi Alliance
54th MA Glory Brigade
1st Confed. BN, 1st BDE, ANV
West Virginia Reenactors Assoc.
North/South Alliance & 1st Confederate Division
1st Federal Division
Mid-Atlantic Reenactors Assoc.
Cumberland Guard
Frontier Brigade
Tennessee Valley Battalion
Breckinridge's Battalion
Western Brigade
2nd NJ Brigade
Army of Northern Virginia, 1st Div
American Civil War Society
Washington Civil War Association
Amer. CW Historical Reenactment Society (Canada)
The Southern Legion
Mifflin Guard
American Civil War Association
Archer's Brigade, ANV
Army of the Pacific
First Louisiana Brigade
Irish Brigade
National Civil War Association
Northwest Civil War Council
ReEnactors of the American Civil War

Other Reenactment/Living History Sites

USAAF Living History Group
Living History Marine
Living History Presentation of General Thomas Jonathan Jackson and his Headquarters Encampment
52nd TN String Band
107th Inf, 27th Div WW1 unit
The Max Stiebritz Homepage WW1 reenacting
Infanterie-Regiment 63 WW1 unit
Great War Association Home Page WW1 reenactors homepage
The Woodland Confederacy French & Indian War
The Skulking Way of War Ranger unit The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, WWII
Northwest Historical Military Society
Gibson's Field Music
Pershings Doughboys, WWI
Royal Newfoundland Regt, Bulger's Co. (War of 1812)
San Luis Obispo CW site
US Army Reenacting Unit Directory
The Pequot Mess
CW-Reenactor's List FAQ
Citizen's Companion Magazine
Jonah World!
Camp Chase Gazette Magazine
Living History Magazine
Olde Towne Brass Band (Civil War Era)
Australian reenactors
Living History Re-enactor Network
Widow Barfield's Cookhouse Schedule of Events

Event-Specific Sites

Vicksburg Campaign II
Calendar of Civil War Related Events
Battle of Secessionville, SC

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