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Last revised: 29 May 03

Douglass' Texas Battery
Jackson Light Artillery
Jeff Davis Artillery
Southern Independence Rifles
Submarine Battery Service, Torpedo Div., C.S.N.
Trans-Mississippi Rifles
1st AR Inf
1st NC Artillery, Co. A
1st SC Artillery
1st TX Sharpshooters
2nd KY Cav
2nd SC Inf, Co. I
2nd VA Inf, Co. D
3rd AR Inf / 14th OH Vol Inf
3rd FL Inf, Co. A
3rd MO Inf, Co. I
3rd NC Cavalry / 2nd NC Mounted Inf (US)
3rd Regt, Co. E, Confederate Engineers
3rd TN Cavalry, Co. G
3rd VA Inf, Co. H
4th AL Cavalry, Co. B
4th AL Inf, Co. F / 79th NY Inf
4th MO Inf, Co. E / 21st MO Inf (US)
4th NC Inf, Co. I
4th TX Inf, Co. C
4th TX Inf, Co. E
4th TX Inf, Co. H
5th MO Inf
5th TN Inf, Co. E
5th TX Cavalry, Co. A
6th MO Inf, Co. A
6th TN Inf
7th AR Inf
7th GA Cavalry
7th LA Inf (LA, MS)
7th LA Inf (NY)
7th LA Inf, Co. K / 57th IN Inf
7th TN Cav, Co. D
7th TN Inf, Co. B
7th TX Inf, Co. A, Norway
7th VA Inf, Co. D
8th AL Inf
8th AR Cavalry
8th AR Inf / 22nd MI Vol Inf
8th GA Inf, Co. A
8th LA Inf / 75th NY Vol Inf, Co. D
8th TX Cavalry, Co. I
8th VA Inf
9th KY Inf, Co. C
9th MS Inf
9th TX Inf
9th TX Inf, Co. F
9th VA Cavalry, Co. C
10th SC Inf
11th TX Cav, Co. A
12th GA Inf
13th GA Inf
13th NC Inf, Co. B
15th AL Inf, Co. G
NW 15th AR Inf
15th VA Inf, Co. A / 62nd OH Vol Inf
16th AL Inf, Co. A / 30th IN Vol Inf
17th MS Inf, Co. D
18th MS Inf, Co. B
19th AL Inf, Co. I / 42nd IN Vol Inf, Co. I
19th AR Inf
19th VA Inf, Co. B
21st MS Inf
22nd AL Inf
22nd AL Inf, Co. D
26th NC Inf / 24th MI Inf
27th NC Inf, Co. D
27th SC Inf, Co. G
27th VA Inf, Co. H
33rd AL Inf, Co. E / 6th IN Vol Inf, Co. A
33rd VA Inf, Co. A
34th TX Cav (Terrell's)
36th VA Inf, Co. A
37th NC Inf
37th VA Inf, Co. K
44th VA Inf / 25th OH Vol Inf
46th TN Inf, Co. K / 2nd TN Inf (US)
47th VA Inf, Co. I
48th AL Inf
48th TN Inf
49th NC Inf / 21st MA Vol Inf
52nd TN Inf

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