The following is a facsimilie of a parole written for PVT A.P. Snider of Co. K after the surrender of the Army of Tennessee in North Carolina. It is typical of paroles of the time.



May 4th, 1865

In accordance with the terms of the Military Convention, entered into on the twenty-sixth day of April, 1865, between General Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding the Confederate Army, and Major General W. T. Sherman, Commanding the United States Army in North Carolina,

_________________________A. P. Snider, Private, Co. "K" 19th Ala. Regt. _______________ has given his solemn obligation not to take up arms against the Government of the United States until properly released from this obligation; and is permitted to return to his home, not to be disturbed by the United States authorities as long as he observe this obligation and obey the laws in force where he may reside.

           F.E. Beardslee                        T. M. Hauley              

     Fed Lt Sig. Corps U.S.A.,                   Capt. C.S.A.,             

                Special Commissioner                            Commanding 

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