Original 19th Alabama Infantry


The 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment was typical of Confederate regiments. These were common, ordinary men - citizen soldiers - who came together to defend their country in a war, as they saw it, for independence. Although their regiment did not gain the name recognition that history now accords units like the 20th Maine and others, it was regiments like the 19th Alabama that did the bulk of the fighting. They never failed to answer the long roll and served with dedication and honor from Shiloh to the surrender in North Carolina. On this page you will read their letters, see their pictures, and, we hope, gain a better appreciation for the common Confederate soldier. These men and their families, and their yankee counterparts, were patriots, who fought, suffered, and died for what they believed in while enduring hardships far beyond our comprehension. By preserving their memory, we enrich and ennoble our own lives.

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