XXX Cavalry Corps Maj. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest

        XX                 XX                 XX              Artillery      
    Chalmer's      Buford's Division  Jackson's Division                     
 Brig. Gen. James      Brig. Gen.     Brig. Gen. William    Morton's Tenn    
   R. Chalmers       Abraham Buford       H. Jackson             Btty        

X X X Rucker's Brigade Bell's Brigade Armstrong's Brigade Col. Edmund W. Col. Tyree H. Brig. Gen. Frank Rucker (Wounded Bell C. Armstrong and captured at Nashville, 16 Dec) 7th Ala Cav 2d Tenn Cav 1st Miss Cav 5th Miss Cav 19th Tenn Cav 2d Miss Cav 7th Tenn Cav 20th Tenn Cav 28th Miss Cav 12th Tenn Cav 21st Tenn Cav Ballentine's Miss Regt 14th Tenn Cav Nixon's Tenn Cav Regt 15th Tenn Cav Forrest's Regt Tenn Cav
X X X Biffle's Brigade Crossland's Ross's Brigade Brigade Col. Jacob B. Col. Edward Brig. Gen. Biffle Crossland Lawrence S. Ross 10th Tenn Cav 3d KY Mounted Inf 5th Texas Cav 7th KY Mounted 6th Texas Cav Inf 8th KY Mounted 9th Texas Cav Inf 12th KY Mounted 1st Texas Legion Inf 12th KY Cav Huey's Kentucky BN

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