At Chattahoochee River West Bank at fortifications July the
6th 1864

Mrs Sarah Doss

Much Respected friend, it(s) with sad heart that I this Morining take up my pen to Anounce to you the most painful Intelagence that could posable Be pened to you your husband is No more on Eath forever Ambrose is gone to the spirit World he Was Killed yesterday About 1 oclock A Cannon Shot it Struck him in the Right side Nearly Even With the Right Breast and passed Intirely through his Body and through his left Arm Killing him Instantly We had Been ordered to the left to suport that Wing of the Army We had to pass some Distance Along the lines under A terific Cannonade and hence the Above Named Causality. he has Been Sargt of the Infirmery Corps Ever Since the Commecement of this move and Was at the tim e of his Death marching in Rear of the Regt at post as usual I was in front But When I learned that he Was killed I Got leave from the Col and myself and James G. and John F Rogers and Geoge Eaton and . C. hix Went Back and got the Body of our fallen Brother and Intered it With as much Decency as the Nature of the Case Would admit it Was Knot Done in as Nice a maner As We Would have perfered But fare better then is common with us Soldiers ----he is Buried in 1 hundred yards of the chattahoochee River on the West Side in or Near the Edg(e) of the River Botum A pine sapling grows at Both hed and foot of his grave on the Bank of the 1 growing at the head of the grave his Rank Name Co and Regt is cut the plantation Where his Remains Rests is owned by A man By Name of Turner it is About 4 Miles Below the Rail Road Bridg(e) leading from Marietta to Atlanta ga in Fulton County Well Dear madam I Would in this letter Which is pened under the loud Roar of Artilery and Bursting shells Nearly in all Directions offer you Words of Consolation Knowing that consoling Words is Seldom of But little comfort to the Deeply Wounded heart yet I Do from from my heart Symphathize With you in this your greatest and most heart rending trial of life While I can not feel the Irreparable loss in all its painful and heartrending power yet I feel my loss in my Departed Brother in Arms But While I mourn A Noble and Dear friend I am free to Acknowledg(e) that you mourn the loss of A Devated and Dear husband Ambrose has Been my Constant friend for years But 3 years in the face of the Enimys our Country hand in in hand Battleing for the Rights of posterity has Double Indeared him to me I have looked on that Calm Soldiers face in Battle my last time he has Done his Duty Noblely and the thread of 1ife has Never yet Been but of A Braver man Brave and yet cool and composed in the hottest conflicts that it has Ever yet Been his lot to Engage in Which conflicts has been common in 3 years War life his conduct As A Soldier is unimpeachable in his life he had the confidence and Esteem of Both officers and men of his Intire Acquaintance Which Was Very Extensive for Such Soldiers as ambrose Doss is not common in No Army hence his Aquantance Was Saught By all good men - Dear Niebher I Will Speak of your husband in Regard to his morality and christain Deportment While the heart Seckens and grows sad at the Loss of Loved ones and the Cruelitys of War and Bloodeshed We looke fare Away Beyond this Veil of tears and sorows and then consider the christain conduct that marked the life of our galant Brother in arms We are bound to Exclaim With Joy after all our Grief that our loss is his Eternal gain he is gone from this World Mortality has put on Immortality But Rejoice yet his comrades in Battle for his last hard Battle has Been fought and he is more then Victor the Battle Cry Will No more Reach his Ear no more Will the hoarse sound of Martial music Salute him the Clash of Arms to him has ceased his spirit has took its flight from this World of troubles and sorows his Bosom has heaved it(s) last sigh Concerning loved ones at Home his spirit Rests Beyond this World of Strife Wigh God Who gave it Where his happeness is compleete Liveng and Reigning With holy Angels and Spirits of Just ones made perfect Being heir of God and Joint heir of Jesus Christ then grieve Knot Dear Mother Altho the cross is heavy Indeed yet your husband has only gone Before and A few more tears and sighs A few more fleeting months or years and you go hame to meet him Where parting is at a End your husband has only changed this mortal Body for Immortality he cannot come to you But yet A little While and you can go to him So press Back the tear and Stop the upheaving Boson as much as Nature Will admit and Rejoice in God Who arders all things Well James and John Rogers is trying to keep all of his things they can to send to you When they have A oppertunity if thair is Anything that I have not wrote that you Wish to no write to me and your letters Will Be promptly Awnsered if I am no life let my folks no I am Well first chance your friend J.W. Rouse to Sarah Doss

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