Head-Quarters Army of Tennessee,     

                                             Dalton, Ga., Jan 6th 1864     


I. By a General Court Martial convened at or near the Head-Quarters of Brig. General Patton Anderson, of which Col. J.G. Coltart, 50th Ala. Regiment, is President, was tried:

Private Samuel Doget, Co. C, 19th Ala. Regiment.

CHARGE. Desertion.

SPECIFICATION. In this, that the said Samuel Doget, Co. C, 19th Alabama Regiment, having received pay, and having been duly enlisted in the service of the Confederate States, did desert said service, on or about the 1st July, 1863, after being released from arrest for being absent without leave, and the said Samuel Doget remained until December the 18th, when he was brought to Dalton, Ga., under guard, &c.


Of the specification, . . . . Guilty, except

the words, "being released from arrest for," and "when he was

brought back to Dalton, Ga., under guard."

Of the Charge, . . . . . Guilty.


And the Court do therefore sentence Private Samuel Doget, Co. C, 19th Ala. Reg't, two-thirds of the members of the Court concurring, to be shot to death with musketry at such time and place as the Commanding General of the Army may direct.

II. The proceedings, finding and sentence in the above case are approved and will be carried into effect. Brig. Gen. Patton Anderson will give the necessary orders for the execution of the above sentence at such time and place as he may designate.

By command of


J. B. EUSTIS, Major and A. A. Gen'l.

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