19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Co. I
2016 Schedule as of February 2016

Date Event Mil/Civ Camp Event Coordinator
Feb 6, 2016 19th AL Annual Meeting, Huntsville Library MAX Civilian Captain/BOD
Feb Co Inventory/Maintenance/Uniform Kit Standards MAX/Volunteers Modern 1SG/NCO Cadre
March No Events Listed
April 1-3 Siege of Bridgeport Federal Garrison Capt
April 16-17 Battle of Triune, Arrington, TN Federal/Conf Garrison Capt
May 20-22 Battle of Resaca,GA Federal Garrison Capt
June No Events Listed
July No events listed
August No events listed
September 2-4 Battle of Decatur Federal Garrison Capt
September 23-25 Battle at Luxapillia (Winfield, AL) Federal Garrison Capt
October Battle of Franklin Symposium Inf only
October 7-9 Battle of Perryville, Ky Federal
November 5 Burritt Museum, Huntsville Info 2SGT Spry
November 11 Huntsville Veterans Day Parade CS/US N/A Capt
December No Events Listed