Grand Rounds

(Source: The Army Argus and Crisis, Mobile Ala, November 12, 1864)

Tennent Lomax, first Colonel of the 3d Alabama Infantry, was no less remarkable for his dignity of bearing than for his gallantry upon the field. He was also a man of great military pride, and spared neither time nor trouble in perfecting his command in all the minor, as well as more important duties of the soldier.

Among the members of this regiment was a Dutchman, rejoicing in the familiar and euphonious sobriquet of "Schnider." Now Schnider had less penchant for tactics than enjoying a cozy nap. Schnider was upon post - it was the third watch - and Schnider's eyes but little higher than the moon. The Colonel was going the "Grand Rounds."

"Who ish dere?" demanded Dutchy.

"Grand Rounds!" was the answer.

"To Hell mit yer Grand Rounds! I dought it was der Corporal mit der relief."

The consequence of this exchange was, Schnider received a severe reprimand with instructions how to properly receive the Grand Rounds.

"When the Grand Rounds approach you, sir," said the Colonel, "among other formalities, you must, 'turn out the guards.' "


In due course, it came Schnider's turn to go on guard again. Early in the night the Colonel had occasion to pass beyond the lines at Schnider's post.

"Halt!" said the faithful guard as the Colonel approached. The Colonel disregarded the challenge and continued to advance.

"Halt I say! Who ish dere?"

About this time, the Colonel's foot came into violent contact with a root, which caused him so much pain as to exclaim, "God Almighty!"

"Turn out the 12 Apostles!" roared Schnider, "God Almighty ish on der rounds!"

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