Captain Billy Was a Rebel

Giles County, Tennessee

This is a short story of the era of the war for states' rights that happened in Giles County, Tennessee. "Capt. Billy Was A Rebel" Mrs. Mooney stood on the front porch of the Methodist parsonage on West Washington St. watching the Yankee army march back into town after a sudden attack by Morgan's men had driven them out. They were several thousand strong, drunk, and mad. One soldier, breaking ranks, made straight for the parsonage gate, and Mrs. Mooney wondered what terrible thing would happen to her. On the hill to the right, Dr. Ordway's goats stood at attention watching the proceedings. Just as the soldier reached the gate "Old Capt. Billy" leaped the fence and came charging down the hill, giving the Yankee a butt from which he never fully recovered. Every time he tried to rise, the goat attacked him again. When the fight was over the Yankee gave Mrs. Mooney an ugly look and rejoined his company. This true story came from "Tall Tales and True Stories" by Margaret Butler. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did. Tommy.

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