November the 13th 1863

Camps Near Chattanooga

Dear wife I seat my self to answer your most kind letters which came to hand yisterday & to Day (missing words) date of November the 4th came to hand yesterday & the one under Date of Oct the 11th I Recived to Day I was truly glad to hear that you was all well thise lines leaves mee in the Best of helth & I hope whin they Reach your hand they may find you all enjoying good helth the helth of our company is vary good at the present time But I Dont know how long hit will Remain so we hav agrate Deal of Duty to Do we hav to Drill three hours a day & hav to stand Picket every five Dayes we stand with in three hunded yards of the yankeys their is agate many men Disertin & going to the yankys their was 32 men went out of one Brigaid yesterday & last night to the yankeys their has several left our Regt since the Battle of Chicamagga they has been several left Capt Hewets company ther was 4 left the other night I will give you their names Jessy young and Alfor Fields Lihew (?) Slown and Milton the Reason that they air Diserting so is for the want of Something to Eat we get But vary little meet these times we have got onley 1 pound for the last 4 Dayes past I will try to stay with them untill my time is out I want you to send mee a half Bushel of white pees if you hav got them or can get them without putting your self to towo much truble the first chance I heard that the ould Man Broke had Departed this life I want you to write & let mee know whether the Report is true or not I wood like for you to Send mee one shirt the first chance if you can with out Disfurnishing your Self or the children two much I got one sleeve of one of my shirts Burnt off or I wood of had close (clothes) plentey to of dnn (done) mee this winter if con federate money will Do you any good I will Send you all that I can spair whin I Draw I think that I will Draw it About the last of this month the Eavning is groing late & I will come to A close Rite soon & let mee hear from you nothing moore at present onley I still Remain your loving Husban untill Deth

A Doss to Sarah Doss

tell Mr Rogers that John & James is Both well

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