Near Mobile Alabama Head Quarters Jan the 2 1862

Mr W. E. Minter

Dear Sir I Seat my Self this eaving to write you a few lines to inform you that I am in good heaths at this time hoping thes lines may come to hand and find you all injoying the Same blesing of health I have nothing of grate interest to write you at the presant we have Some Sickness in our company at this time and Buck(?) Hanby is in the hospital a lying very low with the fever John Rogers is in the hospital though he is on the mend very fast James Rouse is in good health James Gorman is also in good health their is 2 Regiments at this plase and one battallion and another Regiment a moving here at this time It is Reported that their is Six Thousand of yankeys landed on the main land near Ship island it is thought that their will be a battle Some whare about here in a Shorte time and I think from what I can lern there is Something of the cind a brewing though the big officers dont tell ours anything a bout what is a going on Turn over We have got our arms at last we have got muskets and we got one Barrel of Cataridges to the company I think from what I can lern you will here of a battle being fought down here in a Shorte time we moved in our winter quarters last night and I think if we can Stay in them that the health of our Regiment willbe muth better if we can Remaim in houses we have a plinty to eat Since we came dow her we have kep Poark and a plenty of bread stuff a bout half and half of flour and Meal and Molasses and coffey once a day and Rise a plinty as provissions we have a plenty make out on very well our colonel is ver Strict over his men though he is a grate Military man and our Luieutinant Colonel is a very nise man I donte think that hi is as lite on his men acor ng (acording) to his (missing word) as Colonel Wheelor is I have Studiyed a bout my family until I have come to the concusion to try to get a Sustitute in my plase maying (?) that my family dos Stand in need of my assistance I want ya and all to write to me as we cant here often from our folks and friends give my best Respects to all enquiring friends and also to your self nothing more at present only Remains your friend

A Doss

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