Day One: Saturday, September 19, 1863

......Lee and Gordon's Mill (morning of the 19 Sept.)

The 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment (Deas' Brigade, Major General Thomas Hindman's Division, Polk's Corp) was moving northward from the failed attempt to trap part of Rosecran's army against the east wall of Lookout Mountain. The route of march took the Regiment near Lee and Gordon's Mill which was situated on Chickamauga Creek. The following units were part of Deas' Brigade: 19th Alabama, 22nd Alabama, 25th Alabama, 39th Alabama, 50th Alabama, 17th Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters, and Dent's Battery.

The right wing of the Confederate Army, Polk's Corp, was engaged on the northern part of the battlefield (approximately 4 miles north of Lee and Gordon Mill) with parts of the XIV Corp (Thomas).

.......The road north to battle (morning hours)

Major General Thomas Hindman is ordered to move northward along Chickamauga Creek and toward what would become the left wing of the Confederate force.

.......Heavy woods such as these made staging difficult, but did serve to mask Confederate actions from Union eyes.

On the day of the 19th the battle was fought several miles north of the location shown in this picture. The 19th Alabama spent the day moving into position in these woods. Unknown to Rosecrans, Bragg was massing several Divisions in these woods to form what would be the left wing which would be under the command of General Longstreet.The men of the 19th Alabama would sleep on their arms tonight waiting for General Longstreet's command to arrive from Virginia and the battle that was sure to follow.

Disposition of the left wing of the Army of Tennessee on the evening of 19 September 1863.

Day Two
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