Chronology of the 19th Alabama Regiment, C.S.A.

Summary of Engagements


08/14/61 Regiment mustered in at Huntsville Alabama

08/14/61 Staff Officers

Col. Joseph Wheeler promoted to Brigadier General; transferred to Cavalry
Col. Samuel K. McSpadden captured, Resaca
Lieut. Col. Edward D. Tracy (of Madison) promoted to Brigadier General
Lieut. Col. Samuel K. McSpadden promoted to Col.
Lieut. Col. George Kimbrough promoted to Col.
Lieut. Col. Nich Davis raised 26th Alabama Regiment
Maj. Samuel K. McSpadden promoted to Lieut. Col.
Maj. George Kimbrough promoted to Lieut. Col.
Maj. Solomon Palmer
Maj. James A. Savage
Adj. Clifton Walker (of Madison) wounded Shiloh
Adj. C. G. Hale wounded Murfreesboro
Adj. William T. Bell
Capt. James A. Savage promoted to Maj.

08/14/61 Camped at Adam Hall's place, Huntsville
08/21/61 Moved to Camp Jones, Huntsville
09/14/61 Made part of Gen. Leroy. P. Walker's Brigade with the 14th, 17th and 18th Ala. Regiments
09/25/61 Moved to Camp Bradford (Blue Springs), Huntsville
11/11/61 Depart for Camp Moore on the Dog River, below Mobile, winter quartered at Camp Memmemger.
12/01/61 Gen. Walker, at Pensacola, assigned to Gen. Withers.

01/02/62 19th Ala. finally receives arms
01/27/62 Brig. Gen. Walker relieved at Mobile, assigned command at Montgomery, Ala
02/01/62 The 19th is reassigned under Gen. Withers' command at Mobile.
02/13/62 Left Camp Memminger, Mobile to navy yard 8 miles south of Pensacola, Fla
03/09/62 Reassigned to the Army of the Mississippi, under Gen. A. H. Gladden. Brigaded with 1st Alabama Battalion and the 25th Regiment.
03/30/62 Moved to Advanced Camp, McNary County, Tenn.
04/6-7/62 Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing), Tenn.
In Army of the Mississippi, Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston commander, killed 1st day, replaced by Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, in the 2nd Corp, Gen. Braxton Bragg commander, in the 2nd Division, Gen. Withers commander, in the 3rd brigade, Gen. J. K. Jackson commander.
Associate commands: 17th and 18th Alabama Regiments, an Alabama battalion, an Arkansas battalion, the 2nd Texas, and Girardy's Battery.
In this fearful, bloody battle the regiment received it's first baptism of blood and lost 219 killed and wounded, amounting to 1/3 of its aggregate strength. The 19th captured a stand of colors during this battle.
04/09/62 Under Gen. John C. Breckenridge at Mickey's, Tenn.
04/28/62 Under Gen. Frank Gardner at Corinth, Miss., Brigade with 22nd, 25th, and 26th Alabama Regiments, 1st Louisiana Regiment, and Robertson's Battery.
05/10/62 Skirmish: Farmington, Miss. - Under Col. Wheeler with part of 19th and 22nd Ala. Regiments.
05/28-29/62 Skirmish: Bridge Creek, Miss. - Under Col. Wheeler commanding 1st Brigade with detachments of 19th, 21st, and 26th Ala. Regiments with about 200 men from some Miss. Regiments.
06/30/62 Under Gen. Withers' reserve corp at Saltilo, Miss. in the 1st Brigade, Gen. Frank Gardner commander, Brigaded with 22nd, 25th and 39th Alabama Regiments, a company of sharpshooters, and Robertson's Battery.
07/27/62 Start move to Chattanooga, Tenn.
08/08/62 Arrived at Chattanooga, Tenn.
08/29/62 Gen. Bragg moves toward Kentucky. Gen. Zachariah C. Deas takes command of the brigade; Gen. Gardner being ordered to Port Hudson before the Kentucky campaign began.
09/17/62 Battle of Munfordsville, Ky. - Deas' brigade aided in capture of this town.
10/28/62 Back in Tennessee after Kentucky Campaign, camped near Knoxville.
11/13/62 Gen. Bragg , intending on joining forces with Gen. Breckenridge, pushes his forces toward Murfreesboro, Tenn.
11/14/62 Gen. Bragg positions his forces at Tullahoma, Tenn.
12/12/62 19th Ala. found camped near Murfreesboro, Tenn.
12/30/62 Battle of Murfreesboro (Stone's River), Tenn.
Gen. Deas not present. The 19th is under the command of Col. John Q. Loomis (wounded on 31st) then under Col. John G. Coltart, brigade commander. Highly commended by Gen. Cheatham & Gen. Withers.

01/01-03/63 Battle of Murfreesboro (Stone's River), Tenn.
Battle ends. The Army of Tennessee retreats.
01/18/63 Camped near Shelbyville, Tenn. (Duck River)
04/01/63 Camped at Tullahoma, Tenn., Gen. Deas brigade commander, Col. McSpadden commander of 19th
06/23/63 Start Move to Chattanooga, Tenn.
07/04/63 Arrive at Chattanooga, Tenn.
07/31/63 Col. J. G. Coltart, brigade commander; Col. McSpadden, commander of 19th.
09/19/63 In Gen. Polk's Corp, Gen. Thomas C. Hindman's division
09/19-20/63 Battle of Chickamauga, Ga. Under Gen. Longstreet, in Deas' brigade on the right of Gen. Longstreet's line
11/24-26/63 Battle of Missionary Ridge, Ga.
12/31/63 Lieut. Col. George R. Kimbrough, commander of Regiment in winter quarters with Deas' brigade, 2 miles south of Dalton, Ga. next to Gen. Stevenson's division.

03/01/64 Gen. Joseph E. Johnston replaces Gen. Bragg as commander of the Army of Tennessee
04/30/64 The 19th is in Hood's Corp., Hindman's Division, Deas' Brigade, under Col. McSpadden
05/8-12/64 Skirmish: Rocky Face Line, Ga. little engagement
05/14-15/64 Battle of Resaca, Ga.
05/19/64 19th found in camp at Cassville, Ga.
05/25-06/04/64 Battle of New Hope, Ga. 19th found in Hardee's command on the right of the road, Hood in center, and Polk on the left.
06/08/64 19th found at Marietta, Ga.
06/15/64 Skirmish: Noonday Creek, Ga.
06/16/64 Skirmish: Alabama Hill, Ga. near Marietta Ga.
06/27/64 Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.
06/30/64 Col. J. G. Coltart, brigade commander. Lieut. Col. George R. Kimbrough commander of 19th after Col. McSpadden's capture at Resaca
07/04/64 Gen. Johnston pulls back to Chatahoochee River.
07/08/64 Gen. Johnston moves south of Chatahoochee River.
07/18/64 Gen. John Bell Hood replaces Gen. Joe Johnston at commander of the Army of Tennessee.
07/20/64 Gen. Hardee attacks Gen. Thomas's Army of the Cumberland after crossing Peachtree Creek.
07/19/64 Moved to trenches around Atlanta.
07/21/64 Gen. Hood sends Gen. Hardee towards Gen. McPherson's Army of the Tennessee near Decatur, Ga.
07/22/64 Skirmish at Augusta Railroad, Ga. Gen. Hood tries to turn the union's left along this railroad north of Atlanta. The 19th is part of a brigade that captures two stands of colors.
07/23-28/64 Atlanta, Ga. Constant skirmishing and cannonading in the trenches.
07/28/64 Battle of Lick Skillet Road (Ezra Church), Ga. near Poor House
Gen. John C. Brown, division commander. In Gen. George. D. Johnston's brigade (formerly Deas') on the right, with Gen. Brantly on the left, Gen. Sharp in the center, and Gen. Manigault in reserve.
Gen. Johnston wounded, replaced by Col. Coltart wounded, replaced by Col. B. R. Hart of the 22nd Ala. Regt. wounded, replaced by Lieut. Col. H. T. Toulmin.
19th's colors captured after being planted on Union breastworks.
07/30/64 Gen. Patton Anderson commands Gen. Hindman's division; the 19th is in Deas' brigade
07/31/64 Gen. George D. Johnston, brigade commander; Lieut. Col. Harry L. Toulmin commander of 19th.
08/12/64 Gen. Stephen D. Lee, commander of the Corp.
08/13-27/64 Battles of Atlanta, Ga. Constant skirmishing and cannonading in the trenches.
08/30/64 Gen. Hardee takes command of his and Gen. S. D. Lee's Corp.
08/31/64 Battle of Jonesborough, Ga. Gen. Anderson replaces Gen. Hindman. The front line of the division consist of Sharp, Deas, and Brantly with Manigault in reserve. The 19th is in Gen. Deas' brigade, Lieut. Col. Kimbrough commanding the regiment. Gen. Lee's corp, with Gen. Deas' brigade & 19th move back to Atlanta
09/01/64 Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson takes command of Gen. Patton Anderson's division
09/02-03/64 Fall back to Lovejoy Station
09/12-14/64 Gen. Hood's army moved to Palmetto, Ga. where President Davis reviews the troops.
10/02/64 Start of Nashville campaign.
Route: Dalton, Resaca, Lafayette, Summerville, Ga.; Gayesville, Gadsden, Summit, Danville & Florence, Ala. Camped at Shoal Creek, near Florence, Ala.
10/30/64 Two brigades of Johnson's division (including the 19th) attack Gen. John T. Croxton's Federal troops near Brainbridge driving the federal from the Huntsville and Florence road near Judge Posey's.
11/05/64 Gen. Croxton attacked again at Shoal Creek and forced to retire.
11/20-27/64 March resumes for Columbia, Tenn. via: Pulaski, Spring Hill, then to Franklin, Tenn.
11/29/64 Gen. Hood crosses Duck River with Gen. Cheatham's and Stewart's Corp and Gen. Johnson's division, including the 19th Ala., of Lee's Corp. Command bivouacked along the pike, letting Gen. Schofield's army pass to Franklin.
11/30/64 Battle of Franklin, Tenn.
The 19th is in Johnson's division on the left, in Deas' brigade, under Col. Kimbrough. Gen. S. D. Lee reports, " The brigades of Sharp, Brantly (Both Mississippians) and Deas (Alabamians) particularly distinguished themselves. Their dead were mostly in the trenches and on the works of the enemy, where they nobly fell in desperate hand-to-hand conflict."
12/02/64 Nashville reached. Lee's corp is in the center across the Franklin Pike.
12/15-16/64 Battle of Nashville, Tenn.
On the 15th, the 19th Ala. is in Deas' brigade. With the division it moves from right to left to support Gen. A. P. Stewart, who is being attacked by Gen. George H. Thomas.
On the 16th, Gen. Johnson with the 19th Ala. is on the left of Gen. Stevenson, who is left of Lee's corp which is across the Franklin Pike. Gen. Johnson captured with part of his command. Hood's army is routed and retreats via Franklin, Columbia, Pulaski to Brainbridge.
12/27-28/64 The retreating army crosses the Tennessee River.

01/06/65 Army arrives in Tupelo, Miss.
01/20/65 Start of move from Tupelo, Miss. to the Carolinas, via: Mobile, Montgomery, Ala., Columbus, Macon, Augusta, Ga., thence to Columbia, SC
01/30/65 Deas brigade, at Green's Cut, is reassigned to Gen. G. W. Smith, by order of Gen. D. H. Hill.
02/05/65 The 19th is at Binnaker's Bridge near Branchville, SC
02/07/65 The 19th is relieved from Binnaker's bridge by Col. Johnson, who is commanding Stovall's brigade. They are moved to Holman's Bridge.
02/09/65 Deas moves HQ to Duncan's Bridge.
02/10/65 Deas moves to where the Columbia Rd. crosses the North Edisto river.
02/23/65 Lee's corps, commanded by Gen. Stevenson, is near Charlotte, NC
03/08-10/65 Kingston, NC Gen. Hill is in command of Lee's corps, Col. Coltart in command of Hill's division (formerly Johnson's) and Col. Toulmin in command of Deas' brigade.
On the night of the 10th the army falls back through Goldsboro to Bentonville, NC
03/19-20/65 Battle of Bentonville, NC, Deas' brigade (commanded by Col. Toulmin), with Palmer's, Stovall's, and Jackson's constitutes the first-line.
03/22/65 The army falls back to Smithfield, NC
03/31/65 The 19th is commanded by Maj. Solomon Palmer.
04/09/65 Army reorganized. The 19th and 40th Ala. are consolidated, with M. L. Woods as Col. and Ezekiel S. Gulley as Lieut. Col. Attached to Brigadier Gen. E.W. Pettus' brigade.
04/09/65 Gen. R. E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia.
04/10/65 Army of Tennessee moves from Smithfield to Raleigh, then Gen. Pettus' brigade was sent to Greensborough, NC to protect President Davis and the cabinet.
04/12/65 Gen. Pettus sent to Salisbury by rail to stop an enemy raid on stores there, driving the enemy off. The 19th and 40th Ala. (consolidated) was sent to guard the town, where Col. Kyle was made commandant.
04/17/65 Negotiations begin for the surrender of Army of Tennessee under Gen. Johnston to Gen. Sherman.
04/19/65 Suspension of arms agreement reached.
04/26/65 Surrender terms agreed upon.
05/04/65 Brigade started the move from Salisbury to Charlotte, NC, and thence to Union Point, Ga.
At Union Point, GA, the brigade was disbanded, ending the career of the 19th Alabama Regiment.

After four years of untold sacrifices, patient endurance, and heroic struggle, under the most trying conditions in all history of the time, their army, without resources, but still devoted patriots, yielded to vastly overwhelming numbers of the Northern Army.


Shiloh, Tenn.

Farmington, Miss.

Bridge Creek, Miss.

Munfordsville, Ky.

Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Chickamauga, Ga.

Missionary Ridge, Ga

Rocky Face Line, Ga.

Resaca, Ga.

New Hope, Ga

Noonday Creek, Ga.

Alabama Hill, Ga.

Kennesaw Mountain, Ga.

Augusta Railroad, Ga

Atlanta, Ga.

Lick Skillet Road (Ezra Church), Ga

Atlanta, Ga.

Jonesborough, Ga..

Franklin, Tenn.

Nashville, Tenn.

Kingston, N.C.

Bentonville, N.C.

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